The journey goes on

Trip of a lifetime to capture world’s most hidden and spectacular landscape

World’s largest mirror at 14,000+ ft and 4,050 square miles of the Altiplano (Salt flats)

Day One

Hiking to the salt mountain range at Cordillera De La Sal, Chile

Day Two

Capture the Sunrise at Guatin town’s Cactus jungle and then go for a photo shoot of racing horses at Valle De La Luna, Chile

Some rest for the restless

Devour Flamingos at Laguna De Chaxa and then race to shoot Sunset photos

Day Three

Watch sunrise on natural Geysers at Geisers Del Tation, then drive around the region to capture Wetlands, Wildlife and birds

Enjoy some carefree time at Termas De Puritan for lunch followed by review session and prepare for trip to Bolivia

Day Four

  • Crossed the border to Bolivia and arrived in AltiPlano at Laguna Blanca. Capture the beauty of  spectacular Laguna Colorada for Red pattern sand with 1000’s of Flamingo in an extremely windy environment.

    Relish the beauty of Multi-color mountains in Valley of Dali (Valle De Dali), Stone tree and sunset photos

Day Five

Sunrise shoot at Hotel Flamingo (that was an easy walk vs a hike early morning 14,000ft), difficult to believe the amount of Green moss on rocks that we saw before the Llamas were ready for a portrait session.

Laguna Masquiri, not for the faint of heart a 1.5-hour hike around the lake with a steep climb at 14,000ft with all the gear and water on your shoulders, followed by Rail track shoot, Quinoa field shoot and a village shoot (Pompous grass)

San Pedro De Quemes town where we stayed overnight

Day Six

Wow a normal morning with breakfast at 8:00am. Made a visit to Galaxy cave “Cueva De Las Galaxias”, struggled to find the key to be able to open the cave but then ended up in Shailendrra’s final resting place, perhaps!

Drove into “Sala De Uyuni”, Coqueza Town, checked into the hotel to prepare for a Sunset shoot in middle of Sala De Uyuni.

Day Seven

Leave at 4:00am for morning shoot. 5:30am we arrive in Uyuni, Colchani area with our model Oscar

Photo shoot at TRAIN graveyard in Uyuni

Lunch at hotel and then leave for Fisher Island “Isla Pescavo”
Grueling and extensive hike to shoot sunset in Cactus jungle at 14,000

Day Eight

  • Water shoot at sunset with reflections, spider web formations, and stars.