About Me



About Me

For over 35 years, I’ve dedicated myself to the world of manufacturing and consulting. Alongside this professional path, I’ve pursued my passion for photography, capturing moments and stories that touch the soul.

The Corporate  Journey

At THK Rhythm Automotive, I’ve navigated through the challenges of industries like Automotive Manufacturing and Management Consulting. My expertise in leadership, IT strategy, and governance reflects a mission to lead with passion, and drive.


_ Guided the leadership of a $13B enterprise, simplifying Information Security concepts in such a fashion that the CEO could champion them as well

_ Created a global IT vision, which was tailored to support core business goals.

_ Designed a robust information security blueprint, ensuring the safety of precious intellectual assets.

_ As the tech lead of a prominent NY-based firn, I aligned IT operations with business needs.

_ Charted the digital roadmap for a $5B emerging bank in Saudi Arabia, setting the gold standard for IT Strategy.

_ Orchestrated a vast SAP deployment for Eli Lilly, connecting 187 locations across 50 countries.

 Each achievement is a chapter in my relentless pursuit to uplift businesses with the power of technology.

Rediscovering  Photography

My love for photography began in 1986 when I bought my first camera. The ’90s saw this passion take a backseat as family and work took center stage. In 2014, during a visit to a camera shop in New Delhi, I reconnected with this love, getting myself a Nikon D750 and diving back into the world of photography. This revived journey led to personal growth embracing fitness, health and self-care to fully enjoy this passion.

In 2017, I met Katsuyoshi “Katsu” Tanaka, a globally recognized photographer. Under his guidance, my skills flourished. Our group’s travels, capturing breathtaking moments, and exchanging experiences have been unforgettable.

Uniting Two  Worlds

In 2022, I was invited to speak at a Business Intelligence & Data Analysts summit in Oregon. I discussed “Visualization” – drawing parallels between my roles as a photographer and a corporate leader. The ability to see and interpret, both in photos and data, was my focus. View my presentation

Deal with a Bad Boss

Bad Boss happens to everyone, so you have to develop a plan.

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My goal has always been to share and inspire, whether it's in a corporate setting or through the lens of a camera. I believe in guiding others towards their passions and dreams.