Shailendrra Guptaa
I am driven by execution and delivering quantifiable results

    –  Results that should have an impact on the bottom-line of a business.

    –  To deliver results you need a strong cohesive team, and that is what I build, coach and mentor.

    –  Each of my successes is attributable to my team without whom I would not be able to write or talk about all this.

As a solutions-focused Executive, with more than 35 years of success across:

     –  Automotive manufacturing,

     –  Discrete manufacturing, and

     –  Management consulting industries

My broad areas of expertise include

      –  leadership, team building; mentoring, and

      –  managing P&L, M&A, IT strategy and governance.

Currently THK Rhythm Automotive keeps me busy as their Global Director IT (CIO):

     –  where I led the Global IT systems separation from the parent company (TRW)

     –  this major migration has just one goal “Not one shipment to the customer should be delayed”

     –  despite the challenges of a separation & migration of IT, Network, EDI, Data center, & others we achieved our goal

Organizations where I learned the lessons of my life


Professional Accomplishments

    –  Briefed Board of Directors of $13B in revenue on Information Security Incident & program describing specific initiatives in a language they could understand

    –  Led development of Business outcome focused development of Global IT strategy & technical Architecture

    –  Led development of Information Security Strategy that continually manages risk to IP

    –  CIO for a high-tech firm located in NY. Responsible for all aspects of IT, specially alignment of IT activities with business priorities

    –  Enabled a $5B start-up bank in Saudi Arabia with the best practice IT Strategy, and Governance

    –  Worked with SPX Corp., and Re-negotiated six vendor contracts to save a total of some $3M to optimize operating costs

    –  Implemented strategic planning, governance and portfolio management processes

    –  Achieved $50M savings by consolidating active projects down to 40% of initial number

    –  Delivered a 50% increase in corporate profit achieved by reducing IT cost by 30% (eliminating waste and excesses) without impacting the business and critical operation

    –  Achieved $47M savings annually on $2.2B in MRO purchases across 13 business units

    –  Implemented a B2B eProcurement solution to achieve this cost reduction

    –  Enabled an $800M global SAP implementation at 187 plants & offices across 50 countries for Eli Lilly

Talks and Articles

Visualization: Where photography and data analytics come together

    –  A talk I gave at BI & Analysts Summit in Oct 2022

    –  BI gurus and Data analysts wanted to get a glimpse of an amalgamation of my passion for photography and professional use of data analytics.

    Click here for the presentation and taking points

Recovering a twice failed ERP implemention

    –  They know they need SAP to continue to stay competitive in the global market place, but they have heard horror stories

    –  The President even said “I despise IT” just because the SAP implementation was going south even after two rough starts

    Click here for the essential guidance

IT Governance

    –  In the manufacturing world IT should only one focus that is to enable business to stay competitive

    –  IT is not for the techies, rather a tool that non-techies can leverage mush better

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How to deal with a bad boss

    –  The bad boss happens to everyone, so you have to develop a plan

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