Easter Island Chile
Shailendrra Guptaa

I am a photographer who does photography to enrich his soul and his compassion for everything that tells a story.

I have been taking pictures since 1986, the first time I could afford a camera and a few lenses. In the 90s photography had to go into hibernation though the passion was still alive as I was raising a beautiful family of brilliant boys and enhancing my professional career as a corporate executive.

In 2014 I happen to walk past a very famous camera shop in New Delhi, India and decided to buy the latest and best gear they had even though I was so out of touch with photography that its evolution from film to DSLR was a big blur for me. Not having done any homework on what was needed for photography. I asked the sales agent to bring the latest Nikon they had and get me the best essential gear that was needed for it. After about a one-hour lesson on Nikon D750 I walked out to revive my passion.

Since then, have not looked back.

Learning and learning and refreshing what I already knew was the lure for the next few months and still goes on. Photography also brought a different level of energy and love for myself that I added a discipline of workouts, healthy eating and taking care of myself. I needed this to enjoy my passion.

In 2017 I ran into a Nikon newsletter about a photography expedition to Easter Island and Patagonia organized by Katsuyoshi Tanaka a world-famous photographer. He prefers to be called Katsu.

That was it, to help me transform myself and my passion. Katsu is my photography guru and a friend. He takes me to different parts of the world, teaches me what to focus on, how to visualize my composition, and on and on …

We have a group of similar minded photographers (I call them old farts) who travel with Katsu and have a time of their life. Katsu makes us work hard perhaps 10-12 hours a day from sunrise to sunset and sometimes late night as well. This is when we are supposed to be on vacation. None of us complain (except to have fun with Katsu) because preparing for the shoot, hiking to the location, taking pictures and a break every so often, exchanging thoughts, experiences, composition, and above all enjoying the location, makes time fly away.

In Oct 2022, I was invited to give a talk at a BI & Data Analysts summit in Oregon. The key focus was VISUALIZATION both as a PHOTOGRAPHER and as an EXECUTIVE who has used data visualization as a tool to help transform one of the locations that was losing money and is now a profitable set of manufacturing plants. Here is a link to the slides I had prepared for the session LINK HERE.

    My goal has always been to share and inspire, whether it's in a corporate setting or through the lens of a camera. I believe in guiding others towards their passions and dreams.

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